Watch 003 – Brexit Leave Date Confirmed – 31st January 2020

(Published February 2020)

The UK has now officially left the European Union and the date of the 31st January 2020 seals the important ‘symmetry’ of the triangular number ‘2080’ (discussed previously in the paper: ‘Possible Brexit Leave Date – 31st January 2020’). This paper (published on this site in November 2019) examined the day count ‘difference’ between the Brexit Leave Date of 31st January 2020 and a possible date of the Rapture – two events separated by 2080 days.

Triangular numbers are used in the Bible to ‘label’ or ‘mark’ individuals or groups of people for divine intervention and importantly, the number ‘2080’ is a triangular number. (Please read the teaching paper ‘Symmetry of Eve’ for further details on the meaning of triangular numbers in the Bible.)

The two preceding triangular numbers (in the mathematical triangular series before ‘2080’) are ‘1953’ and ‘2016’ and they represent two years during which the UK received a significant divine ‘blessing’. Arising from the earlier declaration (by Lord Balfour) of the UK’s favour towards the reestablishment of Israel (as a sovereign nation), the Lord blessed the UK with an ‘escape’ from national death (loss of sovereignty) and at the same time signified (or pictured) the future 'escape' of the global Body of Christ from physical death, at the Rapture.

For further details please read the paper Possible Brexit Leave Date – 31st January 2020’.