A set of four ‘live’ audio recordings. Together, these talks explore God’s purpose for the ages regarding the ‘bridal’ relationship of believers with God. The talks should be listened to in order, as the later talks are dependent on teaching given in the earlier talks.

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1. God’s Purpose for the Ages

(37 Minutes)

Messiah, salvation and the formation of His church, were ordained at the beginning of the ages.

001 God's Purpose For The Ages.mp3

2. The Hidden Dispensation of this Mystery

(44 Minutes)

The manifold wisdom of God through His physical creation and the formation of His church, made known to the principalities and powers.

002 The Hidden Dispensation Of This Mystery.mp3

3. The Creation of Woman

(42 Minutes)

The creation and naming of Eve embraced dependency and sufficiency on God. Eve was the mother of all the physically living and typologically she represented all the spiritually living. The biblical key of triangular numbers was found hidden in the mathematical narrative of the creation of Eve and the diagram for this is found at 002 – Symmetry of Eve. This talk also references material in 010 – The Bride of Christ.

Note that the original talk contained information on ‘Flight 1549 - Miracle on the Hudson’ which has been edited out and is now presented in the ‘watch’ paper ‘005 – The 155 Souls of Flight 1549’.

003 The Creation Of Woman.mp3

4. The Emotional Pain of Leah

(29 Minutes)

Leah and Messiah were both rejected by Israel. In God’s wisdom, Leah would be the mother of the Levites who would minister reconciliation or joining’, despite Leahs own rejection. The ‘death’ of the ‘strength of death’ as related to the life of Moses and the Gentile Pentecost, are referenced in this talk.

004 The Emotional Pain Of Leah.mp3