The seven audio talks (below) detail the discovery and substance of the prime-fulfilment pattern – a pattern which gives a biblically forensic authentication to the fulfilment of major dispensational events in prophetic scripture. Resurrection, rapture, rescue and judgement feature mathematically in a simple, yet compelling, geometrical transformation.

Jonathan Hill coined the term ‘prime-fulfilment pattern’ just after the publication of his second book ‘Unlocking the Biblical Watch of Messiah’s Return’. His understanding of this pattern had deepened incrementally over the previous four years (from 2015 to 2019) and he had written up biblical aspects of triangles’ and ‘pyramids’ in his two books. But now, this pattern has matured and is seen to be more sophisticated. It contains four numbers including a ‘theme’, a ‘prime’, a ‘triangle’ and a ‘pyramid’ (tetrahedral) number which map the progression of major ‘people groups’ through to their prophetic biblical fulfilment

In 2019, Jonathan discovered the triangular number ‘190’ on the surface of scripture in the Parable of the Sower (in Matthew 13:8) which completed the All Believers’ pattern. It elegantly explained why Jesus used the numbers 30-fold, 60-fold and 100-fold in this well-known parable – because these numbers added up to 190(!) – and this parable could not be more conceptually relevant to the creative spiritual regeneration of All Believers’. A few months later, Jonathan discovered a more fundamental precedent in the original Hebrew of Genesis regarding Adam and Eve, for what he already knew to be the general meaning of the ‘prime-fulfilment pattern’ in scripture. This biblical pattern was gaining traction and needed a more focused explanation. This series of short talks provide the detail.

The talks should be listened to in order, as the later talks are dependent on teaching given in the earlier talks.

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1. Prime-Fulfilment Origins And Hebrew Tradition

(16 Minutes)

The Hebrew tradition is important, and it is asserted that the books of the Bible, both the Old and New Testaments, are Hebrew books authored by Hebrew men. The encounter of Jesus with Nathanael illustrates the extraordinary cohesion between the mathematics, the symbols, the types and the surface narrative of the Bible. Jesus taught Nathaniel the magnificent truth of His perfect fulfilment of the Torah through the inferred symbolism (and underlying numerical narrative) of Jacob’s ladder. Moreover, when Jesus saw Nathaniel under the fig tree in John 1:48, Messiah prophetically foresaw the future Millennial Kingdom when every Israelite would be at peace. This Hebrew tradition lays the foundation for understanding the ‘prime-fulfilment pattern’.

Diagrams: 001 – Hebrew Number Table , 002 – Greek Number Table , 003 – Jacob’s Ladder And Sinai 

001 Prime Fulfilment Origins And Hebrew Tradition.mp3

2. Wisdom of Primes

(21 Minutes)

Prime numbers are ‘firsts’ and God appears to mark biblical ‘firsts’ with prime numbers. This is seen in the prime number relationship between the two ‘in the beginning’ or ‘at the first’ creation verses of scripture (Genesis 1:1 and John 1:1) and the numerical value of the two words, in these verses, for ‘God’ and ‘The Word’. Prime numbers are also considered to not just be associated with biblical ‘firsts’ but also with divine creative acts, for example, all believers must be born again as a new spiritual creation. The Hebrew word for ‘wisdom’ is embedded in Genesis 1:1 by prime numbers and affirms that God not only wants us to understand His ‘wisdom’ in founding and creating the earth, but also, to acknowledge His ‘wisdom’ regarding prime numbers.

Two fundamental mathematical constants, ‘π’ and ‘e’ are found embedded numerically within Genesis 1:1 and John 1:1 as an authentication of the written account of Gods creative actions. Both π’ and ‘e’ are prolific in science, mathematics and engineering.

Enoch, as the first man chronologically to be ‘raptured’, is detailed as the seventh from Adam (Jude 14) where the seventh prime (17) is used in the prime-fulfilment pattern for the church – also to be ‘raptured’.

Diagrams: 001 – Hebrew Number Table , 002 – Greek Number Table 008 – 86th Prime In John 1:1 , 027 – Numerical Hebrew Of Genesis 1:1 , 007 – ‘Wisdom’  , 028 – Ratio Of ‘π’ and ‘e’ In Creation 

002 Wisdom of Primes.mp3

3. Triangles and the Precedent of Adam and Eve

(22 Minutes)

The intervention of God to create ‘Eve’ out of Adam (in a deep sleep) is numerically marked in the original Hebrew with the triangular number ‘351’ and because the index of this triangular number (‘26’) is the same as the numerical value of  ‘Adam’ minus ‘Eve’ (in their original Hebrew names), a precedent is (possibly) set for triangular numbers (in scripture) as marking participants in a supernatural intervention of God – beyond His natural order. Perhaps this is the wisdom and understanding spoken of in Revelation 13:18 where the number ‘666’, by ‘calculation’, is also a triangular number.

Triangular numbers also appear in the creation account of Genesis 1:1 which is arguably the greatest divine supernatural intervention in the creation of the spiritual and the physical realms. These triangular numbers of ‘2701’ and ‘703’ are not just any old triangular numbers, they are the 73rd and 37th triangular numbers, where ‘73’ and ‘37’ are the prime numbers already known to represent God’s foundational wisdom in creation. The previous talks ‘Wisdom of Primes’ detailed how the prime numbers ‘73’ and ‘37’ are already embedded in Genesis 1:1 because 73 x 37 = 2701 and both represent the Hebrew word for ‘wisdom’ by the ‘Standard’ and ‘Ordinal’ gematria respectively. The numerical value of the Hebrew word for ‘wisdom’ in ‘Standard’ gematria calculation is ‘73’ and in the ‘Ordinal’ gematria calculation is ‘37’.

This relational link between primes, triangles (and pyramids) and the biblical significance of the supernatural intervention of God (discovered by Jonathan Hill progressively over several years since 2015) is the foundation of the ‘prime-fulfilment pattern’. As mentioned above, Jonathan coined the term ‘prime-fulfilment pattern’ just after the publication of his second book ‘Unlocking the Biblical Watch of Messiah’s Return’ in 2019.

Diagrams: 002 – Symmetry of Eve, 027 – Numerical Hebrew Of Genesis 1:1 , 005 – Triangle of Genesis 1:1 , 026 – Five Triangles And Pyramids 

References: Cromer Conference 2022 

003 Triangles And The Precedent Of Adam And Eve.mp3

4. Enoch and Methuselah

(39 Minutes)

In naming his son Methuselah (‘his death shall bring’), Enoch correctly predicted almost 1000 years in advance, the global judgement of Noah’s Flood. Enoch was the first man chronologically to be raptured and Methuselah lived the longest life recorded in the Bible. This extraordinary manifestation of Methuselah’s physical life just before a judgement fits well with the Rapture just before the Tribulation. Jesus’ words in Matthew 24:37 affirm this typological timing when He said, “as the days of Noah were”, before the flood, “so also will the coming of the Son of Man be”. The numbers of Enoch and Methuselah typologically fit with the prime-fulfilment pattern for the church, themed on the number seven and primed on the number ‘17’ which is seen to represent ‘the flesh of Jesus’.

Diagrams: 004 – Methuselah Dies At Flood , 006 – The First Resurrection , 025 – Side of 17 to 153 , 011 – ‘Pey’ And The Flesh Of Jesus , 005 – 10 Camels of Genesis 24 and the Seventh Prime  , 012 – John’s Name is ‘969’ , 013 – 17 Occurrences of ‘969’ in John’s Gospel , 009 – Prime-Fulfilment Pattern 

004 Enoch and Methuselah.mp3

5. All Believers

(24 Minutes)

The prime-fulfilment pattern is considered for all believers in the first 6000 Bible Years of history’ and is ‘themed on resurrection. Adams wife Evewas not only the mother of the physically living, but she was also a wonderful type of the spiritually living - by virtue of her name: ‘life’ or ‘life spring’. Given that Adam named Eve after the fall, which brought in spiritual and physical death for all humanity, Adam’s name for ‘Eve’ was remarkably optimistic! It was because both Adam and Eve had just heard the amazing redemptive plan of God, foreordained before the foundation of the world (1 Peter 1:20). The triangular number 190 is found on the surface of scripture in the profound Parable of the Sower, taught by Jesus. Finally, the fulfilment number (1330) is seen to represent Christ’.

Diagrams: 009 – Prime-Fulfilment Pattern , 017 – All Prime Fulfilment Patterns 

References: 006 – The First Resurrection 

005 All Believers.mp3

6. Believing Israel In The Tribulation

(26 Minutes)

The prime-fulfilment pattern is considered for ‘Believing Israel in the Tribulation’ and ‘themed’ on the biblical number for ‘finality’the number ‘nine’. The ninth prime of ‘23’, as the last hour of every 24-hour day, is seen as the last hour or ‘hour of trial’ for Israel in the Tribulation. The typology of Paul’s fateful trip to Caesar (in Acts 27), where all 276 on board survive a violent storm and shipwreck, speaks of believing Israel surviving the storm of the Tribulation – ‘276’ being the 23rd triangular number. The fulfilment for ‘Believing Israel in the Tribulation’ is announced by none other than the Wonderful Numberer (who is Messiah) in Daniel 8:13, at the cleansing of the Temple after 2300 days, where 2300 is the 23rd triangular (or tetrahedral) number.

Diagrams: 017 – All Prime Fulfilment Patterns 

References: 002 – Symmetry of Eve , 008 – Moses – A ‘Jubilee’ Roadmap to the First Resurrection  

006 Believing Israel In The Tribulation.mp3

7. The Gentile Nations

(33 Minutes)

The prime-fulfilment pattern for the ‘Gentile Nations’ is ‘themed’ on the blessing and multiplication of the Abrahamic Covenant according to God’s grace and is represented by the number ‘five’. The fifth prime number of ‘11’ anticipates the emergence of God’s governmental perfection (the number ‘12’) in the Millennial Kingdom when the gentile power or dominance over Israel, expressed by the 11th triangular number of ‘66’, will rescind and ultimately fail. The divided Gentile Nations, although strong in the main, will struggle to fully unite as reflected by the ‘iron and clay’ mixture of the feet and ten toes of Nebuchadnezzar’s Image (of Daniel chapter2). The unbelieving Gentile Nations will be judged and fall at the second coming of Christ, as captured by the fulfilment number of this pattern of ‘286’.

Diagrams: 017 – All Prime Fulfilment Patterns 

References: 003 – Nation Against Nation 

007 The Gentile Nations.mp3