Diagram 028Ratio of ‘π’ and ‘e’ In Creation

The following ratio of letters to words when applied to Genesis 1:1 and John 1:1 yields the two fundamental mathematical constants, ‘π’ and ‘e’. Remember that each letter (and therefore word) in Hebrew and Greek has a numerical value.

So, the following ratio of ‘letters to words’ yields ‘π’ when applied to Genesis 1:1, and ‘e’ when the same ratio is applied to John 1:1. The two calculations of this ratio, produce a result which is accurate to four decimal places.

Genesis 1:1 and John 1:1 were penned by two different authors in two different languages, hundreds of years apart! For these scientific and mathematical constants to be embedded in the two creation verses of scripture, is remarkable, especially given the fundamental and prolific role of ‘π’ and ‘e’ in science, mathematics, engineering and economics.

Remember, also, that the natural logarithmic constant ‘e’ was only discovered around 400 years ago, many centuries after the original text of the Bible was completed.

Note the mathematical expression ‘product’ means ‘multiply together’.

Accreditation: This ratio was first brought to my attention by Vernon Jenkins MSc., Dr. Peter Bluer PhD. BSc (Hons) and Bevan Williams.