Diagram 026Five Triangles And Pyramids

Different numbers have different properties or characteristics. For example, when considering ‘whole’ numbers (which do not have a fractional part), some numbers are even, and some numbers are odd. If a number is exactly divisible by two and without a remainder then the number is even, otherwise it is odd. Extending this concept further (of numbers having different properties or characteristics), some numbers are figurative, in that they may be formed into geometric shapes.

Of special interest are the numbers which form triangular and pyramid (tetrahedral) shapes. A number which may be arranged (using balls as a practical example) into an equal-sided triangle is called a triangular number and a number which may be formed into an equal-sided pyramid is called a pyramid number .

God has labelled bodies of people with triangular numbers, representing a divine intention to intervene, and this intervention is then represented by the equivalent (three-dimensional) pyramid number.

What is of extreme interest is that there are only five numbers in the whole universe (see below) which are both triangular and pyramid! Clearly by God’s extraordinary design! The number ‘120’ is seen to be central to this unique collection of five numbers and draws attention to God’s intervention at the 120th Jubilee (or 6000 Bible Years), when believing humanity will be perfected, just as Adam was made perfect on the sixth day of creation (Genesis 1:26-31).