Diagram 013 – 17 Occurrences of ‘969’ in John’s Gospel

Out of all the original Greek words in John’s Gospel, exactly 17 words (or groups of consecutive words within a verse) have the numerical value of 969. See the diagram below which lists each of these 17 occurrences. (Note that the word ‘Ragil’ refers to the ‘Standard’ method of calculation.)

This is significant because ‘969’ is the 17th pyramid (tetrahedron) number, the number of Methuselah, the numerical value of John’s name and the fulfilment of the prime-fulfilment pattern for the ‘Body of Christ’. This alignment of John’s Gospel with the number 969, therefore, strengthens the type of John (the author) who is already known to be a strong type of the church for other reasons. (See section ‘The Number 33 is the ‘Living Witness’’ (pages 162-171) in the book Unlocking the Biblical Watch of Messiahs Return’.)

This alignment also strengthens the significance of John’s Gospel regarding the rapture of the ‘Body of Christ’ and the eight sign miracles contained within.