Diagram 021Isaac Took Rebecca

The Hebrew words when he took Rebekah in Genesis 25:20 are numerical equivalent with the Greek words for the net in John 21:11. Both have the numerical value of 1224.

Typologically, the net represents the resurrection or rapture of the completed church when the 153 fish are caught up out of the Gentile Sea of Tiberias. The biblical number for resurrection is the number eight and the biblical number for the completed church is 153. The multiplication of these two numbers (eight x 153 = 1224) speaks of the event of the Rapture when the Bride of Christ is caught up as symbolised by the net.

Given that Rebekah is a type of the Bride of Christ, the numerical equivalence of ‘the net’ in John 21:11 with ‘the taking of Rebekah’, supports the Rapture of the church at 40 Jubilees or after 2000 Bible Years of the Christian Dispensation.