Diagram 025Side of 17 to 153

Just as Eve was formed out of the side of Adam in a deep sleep, so the church was formed out of the side of the last Adam (Jesus) also in a deep sleep of death. Both men were unique in that neither had a physical father because God (the Father) was their Father.

When Jesus died, His side was pierced by a Roman soldier and blood and water came forth . This blood and water not only confirmed His death medically, but also represented the birth of the church or the Bride of Christ. Blood and water are associated with natural childbirth and here they represent the spiritual birth of the church. Just as the side of Adam was the root of the creation of Eve, the blood and water from the side of Jesus, was the root of the creation of His church.

Given the biblical number of the completed church is ‘153, this birth of the Body of Christ is captured numerically as the side of ‘153’ being ‘17’. Not only does the number ‘17’ represents Enoch as the seventh from Adam (or the seventh prime) but also the number ‘17’ represents the flesh of Jesus.