Diagram 016 – Wisdom Of ‘Key Of David’

The ‘Key of David’ has been shown to be a metaphor for access to ‘truth’, granted by Messiah and the ‘Key of David’, therefore, opens and closes ‘understanding’.

Upon closer examination, however, further hidden wisdom is revealed. It turns out (and keys must be turned) that the ‘Key of David’ holds truth regarding numbers.

The wisdom of ‘triangular’ numbers has already been established with the divine ‘labelling’ scheme of the Lord – of His intention to intervene with those individuals or bodies of people who are biblically labelled with triangular numbers. This ‘understanding’ is derived from the calculation of the number ‘666’, in Revelation 13:18 (below), which reveals ‘666’ as triangular:

Revelation 13:18 Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666.

What links the ‘Key of David’ with the ‘wisdom’ or ‘understanding’ of Revelation 13:18 is that both the ‘Key of David’ scriptures (in the original text) are numerically triangular numbers! This fact (that both the ‘Key’ scriptures conceal triangular numbers) is very unusual and highly significant.

In Revelation 13:18, the ‘calculation of the number’ (which yielded a triangular number) revealed hidden wisdom. Likewise, the presence of the same mathematical principle (i.e. the occurrence of triangular numbers) in both texts of the ‘Key of David’ also indicates hidden wisdom.

As seen below, the ‘Key’ numbers (‘528’ and ‘861’) are the 32nd and 41st triangular numbers respectively. Together these come to ‘73’ because 32 + 41 = 73 and, as already stated , the biblical meaning of the number ‘73’ is ‘wisdom’. As such, the existence of ‘hidden wisdom’ within the ‘Key of David’ is numerically anticipated. The nature of this hidden wisdom, however, can only be discerned by considering the scriptural truths already discovered. It is already established that the ‘Key of David’ opens understanding, gives access to ‘truth’ and relates to the hidden wisdom of biblical (triangular) numbers. By putting this all together and with prayerful deliberation, the ‘wisdom’ of the ‘Key of David’ may be that Biblical Numbers Open Understanding.

For more details, please see the Tools of the Watch’ chapter in the book 'Unlocking The Biblical Watch of Messiahs Return.