Diagram 00886th Prime in John 1:1

This diagram shows that ‘God’ in Genesis 1:1 and ‘The Word’ in John 1:1 are linked by a mathematical prime number. The numerical value of ‘God’ (‘Elohim’ - 86) in Genesis 1:1, as an index of mathematical prime numbers, yields 443’ because ‘443’ is the 86th prime number, and the number ‘443’ is the numerical value of The Word (O Logos - 446) in John 1:1. The conceptual and doctrinal equivalence between the ‘God’ of Genesis 1:1 and The Word’ of John 1:1 is, therefore, supported mathematically by a prime number relationship. Because of the significant locations of this mathematical primal relationship, namely in the two creation (or foundational) verses of the Bible, a precedent is set and prime numbers, therefore, may be seen to represent biblically ‘primal’ or ‘foundational’ concepts ot biblical ‘firsts.

The presence of this primerelationship in these two creation verses is an important building block to the prime-fulfilment pattern.