Diagram 005 – Triangle of Genesis 1:1

If you add up the numerical value of every Hebrew letter in Genesis 1:1, you arrive at 2701. This is a figurative number because if you arrange 2701 small squares you can create a perfect equal-sided triangle (see the larger triangle below). Within this triangle of 2701 small squares we observe a central triangle (upside down and in the lighter colour) of 703 small squares, surrounded by three triangles of 666 small squares. The number ‘703’ is the sum of the letters in Genesis 1:1 of the Hebrew words for ‘and the earth’.

The numerical value of the Hebrew word for ‘wisdom’ is both 37 (using ‘Ordinal’ method) and 73 (using ‘Standard’ method) and the Bible says the Lord founded and established the earth by His ‘wisdom’. (Proverbs 3:19 and Jeremiah 10:12). What makes this interesting is that 37 x 73 = 2701. Importantly, both the numbers ‘37’ and ‘73’ are prime numbers.

Moreover, the number ‘2701’ (see large triangle below) is the 73rd triangular number (in mathematics) and the number ‘703’ (lighter colour central upside-down triangle) is the 37th triangular number (in mathematics).

Accreditation: This shape format of Genesis 1:1, with 703 surrounded by 666 triangles was first brought to my attention by Vernon Jenkins MSc. (http://www.whatabeginning.com/).