Audio Studies

Summary: A set of audio talks which detail the discovery and substance of the prime-fulfilment pattern – a pattern which gives a biblically forensic authentication to the fulfilment of major dispensational events in prophetic scripture. Resurrection, rapture, rescue and judgement feature mathematically in a simple, yet compelling, geometrical transformation.

Jonathan Hill coined the term ‘prime-fulfilment pattern’ just after the publication of his second book ‘Unlocking the Biblical Watch of Messiah’s Return’. His understanding of this pattern had deepened incrementally over the previous four years (from 2015 to 2019) and he had written up biblical aspects of ‘triangles’ and ‘pyramids’ in his two books. But now, this pattern has matured and is seen to be more sophisticated. It contains four numbers including a ‘theme’, a ‘prime’, a ‘triangle’ and a ‘pyramid’ (tetrahedral) number which map the progression of major ‘people groups’ through to their prophetic biblical ‘fulfilment’.

In 2019, Jonathan discovered the triangular number ‘190’ on the surface of scripture in the Parable of the Sower (in Matthew 13:8) which was a compelling fit for the ‘All Believers’ pattern. It elegantly explained why Jesus used the numbers 30-fold, 60-fold and 100-fold in this well-known parable – because these numbers added up to 190(!) – and this parable could not be more conceptually relevant to the creative spiritual regeneration of ‘All Believers’. A few months later, Jonathan discovered a more fundamental precedent in the original Hebrew of Genesis regarding Adam and Eve, for what he already knew to be the general meaning of the ‘prime-fulfilment pattern’ in scripture. This biblical pattern was gaining traction and needed a more focused explanation. This series of short talks provide the detail.

The talks should be listened to in order, as the later talks are dependent on teaching given in the earlier talks.

  1. Prime-Fulfilment Origins and Hebrew Tradition (16 Minutes)

  2. Wisdom of Primes (21 Minutes)

  3. Triangles and the Precedent of Adam and Eve (22 Minutes)

  4. Enoch and Methuselah (39 Minutes)

  5. All Believers (24 Minutes)

  6. Believing Israel in the Tribulation (26 Minutes)

  7. The Gentile Nations (33 Minutes)

Summary: Recent teaching on a variety of subjects.

  1. A Greater Witness Than Johns (36 Minutes)

Summary: Highlights from a set of seven ‘live’ audio recordings made between 2018 and 2020 on a variety of subjects.

  1. Feeding The 5000 Part 1 (29 Minutes)

  2. Feeding The 5000 Part 2 (17 Minutes)

  3. The Third Sign Miracle In Johns Gospel (10 Minutes)

  4. Water To Wine Part 1 (26 Minutes)

  5. Water To Wine Part 2 (5 Minutes)

  6. Romans 11 – The Olive Tree Of Blessing (26 Minutes)

  7. Romans 11 – The Macro Church (24 Minutes)

Cromer Conference 2021 The Spirit And The Bride Say ‘Come’

Summary: A set of four ‘live’ audio recordings. Together, these talks explore God’s purpose for the ages regarding the ‘bridal’ relationship of believers with God.

The talks should be listened to in order, as the later talks are dependent on teaching given in the earlier talks.

  1. God’s Purpose for the Ages (37 Minutes)

  2. The Hidden Dispensation of this Mystery (44 Minutes)

  3. The Creation of Woman (42 Minutes)

  4. The Emotional Pain of Leah (29 Minutes)

Summary: A set of six ‘live’ audio recordings. Together, these talks begin at Resurrection Day and expound the context of the Christian Dispensation through to the Rapture, in terms of ‘Jubilee’, God’s Covenant and the transmitted wisdom of the Torah.

The talks should be listened to in order, as the later talks are dependent on teaching given in the earlier talks.

  1. The Long Resurrection Day (23 Minutes)

  2. Jubilee and Covenant (52 Minutes)

  3. Wisdom and the Transmission of Torah (42 Minutes)

  4. Primes in Genesis (36 Minutes)

  5. Triangles and a Letter to The Queen (30 Minutes)

  6. Grace to the Nations (39 Minutes)