A set of six ‘live’ audio recordings. Together, these talks begin at Resurrection Day and expound the context of the Christian Dispensation through to the Rapture, in terms of ‘Jubilee’, God’s Covenant and the transmitted wisdom of the Torah. The talks should be listened to in order, as the later talks are dependent on teaching given in the earlier talks.

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1. The Long Resurrection Day

(23 Minutes)

Resurrection day was long and went beyond the 6pm Hebrew day boundary. How could Jesus remain in the grave one moment into the first day of the Hebrew Feast of Weeks (Sevens) – a harvest feast which symbolised resurrection? The folded and unfolded grave cloths tell a story.

Diagrams: 018 – Long Resurrection Day , 019 – Forty Days Back From Ascension

001 The Long Resurrection Day.mp3

2. Jubilee and Covenant

(52 Minutes)

Why did God change from a Hebrew day to a Gentile day at the resurrection of Jesus? Jubilee is a fundamental unit of God’s timing for the liberation (from bondage) wholeness, and restoration of fallen humanity and creation. Jubilee is both outside of time and associated with ‘forgiveness’ in God’s accounting of time.

Diagrams: 020 – Jubilee Outside of Time , 021 – Isaac Took Rebecca , 022 – Isaac Was Forty

002 Jubilee And Covenant.mp3

3. Wisdom and the Transmission of Torah

(42 Minutes)

The physical death of Moses when his eyes were not dim nor his natural vigour diminished, magnificently transmitted the Torah through Jubilee. The ‘threes’ of the Gentile Pentecost are examined and Peter bar Jonah is observed across Johns Gospel.

References: 008 – Moses – A ‘Jubilee’ Roadmap to the First Resurrection

003 Wisdom and the Transmission of Torah.mp3

4. Primes in Genesis

(36 Minutes)

Prime numbers are foundational in scripture and Enoch was a ‘prime’ of the Rapture. Enoch together with his son Methuselah, typify the fulfilment of the theme of ‘the death of God’s son’ regarding the harvest of resurrection, at the Rapture. Johns Gospel begins with 57’ hours before Jesus says ‘Come and See [where I am staying]’. The name ‘John, in the Greek, has a numerical value of 969.

Diagrams: 001 – Hebrew Number Table , 007 – ‘Wisdom’ , 004 – Methuselah Dies At Flood , 023 – 17 x 57 = 969 , 024 – 57 Hours At Beginning of John's Gospel , 012 – John’s Name is ‘969’ , 013 – 17 Occurrences of ‘969’ in John’s Gospel

004 Primes in Genesis.mp3

5. Triangles and a Letter to The Queen

(30 Minutes)

Adam and Eve are the precedent for the ‘triangular number’ labelling of God’s intervention. The UK has been divinely blessed with a recent event associated with a triangular number, as a reciprocal blessing derived from the Balfour Declaration.

References: 002 – Symmetry of Eve

Diagrams: 005 – Triangle of Genesis 1:1 , 025 – Side of 17 to 153 , 010 – Figurative Dimension Progression , 026 – Five Triangles And Pyramids

005 Triangles and a Letter to the Queen.mp3

6. Grace to the Nations

(39 Minutes)

The Greek word ‘apokalupsei’ is unveiled! The prime fulfilment numbers for the Gentile Nations are considered – namely 5, 11, 66 and 286. The division of the nations, at the beginning of the consummation of the age, seals their fate.

References: 004 – Brexit and the Solstice Alignment of Jupiter and Saturn

Diagrams: 009 – Prime-Fulfilment Pattern , 017 – All Prime Fulfilment Patterns

006 Grace to the Nations.mp3