Diagram 02317 x 57 = 969

The ‘tomb-time’ for Jesus (when He was in death) was 57 hours and represents the time that believers (in the Body of Christ) are subject to death in the Christian Dispensation . This ‘subjection to death’ concludes at the Rapture when the completed Body of Christ, both dead and alive believers, are raised up in their resurrection bodies . In this way, the number 57 is associated with the entire Christian Dispensation. 

Consider Enoch who was the prime of the Rapture as the first man in scripture to walk with God and ‘was not’ (Genesis 5:24). Enoch was also the seventh from Adam (Jude 1:14) and as such may be represented numerically by the seventh prime which is 17’.

Both these numbers (‘57’ and ‘17’) when multiplied together, conclusively point towards the Rapture (which occurs at the end of the Christian Dispensation) because 969is the fulfilment number for the church.