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Enoch and Methuselah were not just any old characters in the Old Testament, they profoundly represented the beginning and the end of the church. Enoch was a chronological ‘first’ who experienced ‘rapture’ before any other man in history and Methuselah, as the son of Enoch, represented the ‘fulfilment’ or the end of the church at the Rapture. Methuselah, who was the longest living man (recorded in scripture), manifested this extraordinary physical life up until Noah’s flood, which accurately pictures the Rapture (‘life’) before Tribulation. Both men have a biblically associated number; Enoch was the seventh from Adam and therefore the seventh ‘prime’ (which is the number ‘17’) and Methuselah’s long life of ‘969’ years gives Methuselah his number which, importantly, is also the 17th pyramid number in mathematics. The Bible is teaching that ‘prime numbers’ and their respective ‘pyramid’ numbers speak of a ‘seed’ and a ‘harvest’ or a ‘first’ and a ‘fulfilment’ based on a theme. In this case of Enoch and Methuselah, the theme was the church and the progression of this theme was from the birth (or the ‘seed’) of the church through to the Rapture (or the fulfilment of the church). The biblical meaning of the seventh prime (the number ‘17’) is discovered as representing the ‘flesh of Jesus’ based on a consideration of several poignant passages of scripture, including: Joseph’s coat received at age 17, the Hebrew Feast of First Fruits on the 17th day, the 17th Hebrew letter ‘Pey’ and John’s Gospel and the number ‘17’ including: the Word becoming flesh, the 17 Greek words of John 1:1 and the 17 occurrences of Greek words adding up to ‘969’. To grab the reader’s attention, the Bible has the Greek word for ‘sign’ (as in the ‘sign’ miracles of John’s Gospel), occurring precisely 17 times (in John’s Gospel). Moreover, the numerical value of John’s Greek name is ‘969’.


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