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Jesus associated His return with the days preceding the judgement of Noah’s Flood. Methuselah and his father Enoch are therefore biblically linked to the timing of Messiah’s return because Methuselah died in the same year that Noah’s Flood began. Enoch, as the seventh from Adam and the chronological ‘prime’ of the Rapture, is represented by the seventh prime number in mathematics. Enoch’s son, Methuselah (the longest living human in the Bible), represented a form of ‘fulfilment’ from Enoch. In this way, the biblical ‘prime-fulfilment pattern’ is revealed: Enoch as the seventh prime (‘17’) and Methuselah’s age (‘969’) are mathematically and figuratively linked because ‘969’ is the 17th pyramid (tetrahedral) number. Because the pattern begins with the ‘seventh’ prime, the theme of this pattern is the number ‘7’ – a number associated with the Body of Christ (cf. seven churches of the Book of Revelation). Importantly, the prime-fulfilment pattern is a biblical ‘template’ which is discovered elsewhere in scripture and associated with other significant biblical characters and groups as well as the timing of major biblical events. The prime-fulfilment pattern is a simple pictorial (or figurative) transition from one dimension to two dimensions (triangle) and finally to three dimensions (pyramid). A future study will focus on the four biblical instances of the prime-fulfilment pattern currently discovered in the Bible.


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